An outstanding theft in the Uk, Rowley Regis. There were Tuesday four thieves managed to get in a car to the value of almost € 70,000 from it. A lot of the time they are not needed after less than a minute, they were able to, with the Audi RS5 is already in the driveway, drive on.

The men were making use of the so-called relay the attack , a technology that is already in the country to unrest and crowd. With a relay box ’ the signal from the key to the car, in the house, to strengthen it. The result is: the computer is on, the car thinks the key is in the vicinity, and then opened the auto door. Not long after, joined with the thieves, and they were undisturbed for the road. They are celebrating their successful bid, even as by the sounding of the horn to the housing.

the Video image of the special technique to do it quite often in the round on the internet. In addition, the relay box is also easily available for less than a few tens of euros, it is the device up for sale on the internet. Your car keys are in a steel box and stick, in a foil wrap, or take it to an upper level are the best ways in which this theft has to stop him.

The police in the West Midlands is on the lookout for the perpetrators.

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