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Are two left-handed gold to fight for the title. Two players of high level that were wrecked by injury severity, in such a measure that seemed to be discarded for all, for the League, for the Champions league and the european Championship. The pandemic has been allowed to Hazard and Asensio recover from some ailments very hard and aspire now to be an impossible it is feasible to almost a miracle: to be champions in the lawn. Real Madrid comes back tomorrow in the League with two “signings” of tronío . Cuadra Fernández will be the referee. Are, Frame and Eden, as they call them in the locker room, two “hires” summer of the important, of the that run in June, and now have the possibility to play and to be the protagonists in the achievement of the objective, the championship . Yesterday they played in the last test match.

The belgian player has the opportunity to convert a campaign complicated by the fault of the two fissures on a successful year

The two strikers, zocatos in its best version, is add up to Vinicius and Bale in a fight capital for the ownership of four men who would be fixed on to any computer in the world. No one has four players with these legs left in their templates. Zidane lives a problem as beautiful as complicated. But its cast has to demonstrate now which is the better of Spanish football, as is forecast in this return of the show, without an audience and with illusion.

Rhythm interrupted

“Hazard is like a motorcycle”, said to ABC professionals working on your side in the stadium Alfredo Di Stéfano, where Zidane went yesterday the last match of rehearsal prior to the visit of Eibar. The test was carried out at the same time the encounter of truth, which takes place tomorrow.

The belgian is equal to or better physically than before the two fissures suffered this season, that they cut the pace in November and in February. Underwent surgery on march 5, “Eden is to play it already” they say in Valdebebas. Today you have the minutes, sure, we’ll see if as the owner or in the second part. “ Hazard has become like a plane”, signed Arbeloa , coach of the child, which includes everything that happens in the first team.

Marco Asensio had a year to recover, and pandemic allows you to play longer and make their quality

Eden is not really an end, it directs the attack from the left side and linked the play with the centre forward and the midfielders. She has trained very hard, confined to the Covid-19, and has returned very fine.

you Know it cost a hundred million euros to Real Madrid and wants to return the investment with performance. Has told the trainer that he wants to “be important and to win the title”. If it does, your first campaign will be good, after you define it initially as bad because of two injuries that are not allowed to respond.

Only has dial a bit and has given you another in the fifteen matches played. is Zidane’s expected to sign more goals, and now maintains that hope. The belgian aims to increase these figures, but his contribution offensively is seen in its intervention in fourteen goals from Real Madrid, a fact that finds its headship to generate the attacks of the whole madrid. If Hazard flies like a plane, Asensio runs like a train. Their gallops in the stadium Alfredo Di Stefano brighten up the view to Zinedine.

The spaniard, without risk

The spaniard lived the worst moment of football. Suffered rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament and external meniscus of his left knee on the 24th of July last, in a match of preparation for summer in front of the Arsenal. is Marco knew that lost season and that the Euro was complicated. The crisis virus has allowed it to return in perfect condition to compete in these eleven last days and try to be essential.

Zidane will go with care with the island. Will grant him minutes gradually. Do not squeeze to risk another injury, it has other rods in the attack.

The goal is Asensio is located perfectly for the next course. These eleven meetings league and the Champions league are an unexpected gift to play.

On the evidence of the last few days the technician placed him by the right wing to leave room to Hazard in the left, with Benzema ram. The spaniard has so much class that is adapted to the skillful flank, as does Bale. Will occupy the two options along these 36 days of competition constant, every three days. Eden Hazard and Marco Asensio are two weapons remodeled for Real Madrid to shoot up the League .