When changing your bank account, many steps have to be taken. If you are retired and want to continue to receive your pension without any delay, it is important to inform your pension organization to change your bank details. Find out how.

When you change your bank account, you must notify your pension fund as soon as possible in order to continue to receive your retirement pension each month. Indeed, the earlier the steps are taken, the more you will avoid the slightest problem in the payment of your pension. To inform your organization, it is possible to contact it by mail or to carry out the process directly online. In the context of a letter, you will need to attach your new bank account details: the processing time may nevertheless be longer than for a request on the internet due to the delivery time of your shipment. It is also necessary to note your surname, first name and social security number in your mail.

If you decide to communicate your new bank account details online, you can, in many cases, communicate directly via a dedicated form. The bank account statement provided must mention your name or that of your legal representative. If you are placed under guardianship or any other protective measure, the judgment of this decision will also have to be sent. It is recommended that you do not close your old account until you are certain that your pension will now be paid into your new account.