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fans of the catalans, the more beaten, they have raised the voice in the big door of the Monumental de Barcelona . About a hundred fans that were asking for librertad. On behalf of the fans and all that resistance of bullfighting in Catalonia, the critical taurine Paco March has read this manifesto:

“In these times distópicos that have called new normal, we are here, in front of the big door of the Monumental, closed to the tournament, to claim once more, louder and more high, Bullfighting is culture , and that the culture is not censorship.

The world of bull, all those who compose it, from the professional to the amateur that he is recognized, he lives perhaps the most momentous and difficult a history of the centuries in which he has been able to overcome prohibitions and anathemas of the whole sign.

And has done so since the supreme truth of its ethical and cultural values.

Now, when the society faces challenges unimaginable just three months, the new inquisitors they see a favourable opportunity to strike la puñalada trapera and definitive bullfighting.

The response should be the unity of all, the solidarity and the imagination. Without flags or accessions unbreakable, nor letting ourselves be manipulated.

The world of the bull deserves, and claim the rightful place and due attention; that is to say, what the laws collect.

that’s why we’re here today, as yesterday, to thousands, in Salamanca, and also today and tomorrow in different places of Spain.

long Live bullfighting! Long live freedom!”

Also read manifestos, Fernando Casanova, Alfonso Married and Maxime Solera . “The combat continues in Catalonia and in all Spain”, they concluded, without responding to any antitaurino of the guard at the wax in front of him.

in Addition to this concentration in Barcelona, this morning we have celebrated horseback bullfighting in cities such as Logroño, Albacete, Palencia and Valladolid.