For several years, host Flavie Flament made the heyday of TF1 thanks to several of her shows. Its flagship program, Stars at home, returns on February 18 on the front page, 18 years after the show stopped in 2004. A new version more innovative than the last as it had entrusted to Ciné Télé Revue.

“From now on, I’m no longer on set. I’m going there. There will also be both completely crazy new surprises, shot with the new generation of stars, and old sequences that we will see again”, had- she explained and to continue: “We will thus navigate between present and past. We will witness reunions between fans of the time and their idols, like Lorie or Patrick Fiori”.

At the time of the first edition of the program, the star earned a relatively good living as she had said. It must be said that Flavie Flament presented many programs for the TF1 group. During “his great years TF1”, the ex-wife of Benjamin Castaldi earned around 500,000 euros per year. “I think it was a time when we were very exposed. It was a market where money was present”, she explained to our colleagues.

Already a few years ago, the star did not hesitate to confide in his financial situation in the book, TF1, behind the scenes, secrets and internal wars co-written by journalists Jamal Henni and Aude Dassonville. “I was paid 40,000 euros a month to belong to TF1. It was all the more exhilarating as I was guaranteed to earn these sums for five years, and not just for a single season! that price, whether I work or not, just doing what I was asked to do…”.

It’s no secret that television hosts make a more than comfortable living. However, not everyone wins it as well as Cyril Hanouna, whose fortune is well established, as Planet has already written.

According to Capital, he would even be the best paid of all the animators in the French audio-visual landscape. The turnover of his company, H2O, is estimated at 50 million euros for the 2016-2017 season. Through this company, a subsidiary of Banijay, he produced the program “Touche pas à mon poste!” as well as the majority of the bonuses he turns in the year.

These 50 million in turnover would have been contracted with C8 over five years, underlines Le Dauphiné. In total, H2O’s turnover over the 2015-2020 period will have reached 250 million euros.

“You can’t imagine the number of tweets that compare Neymar’s contract of 200 million euros and mine of 250 million euros”, explained Cyril Hanouna in an interview with Paris Match in 2017. explained in particular that the turnover of his company does not correspond to his salary, without however giving an amount. According to Le Dauphiné, he would be paid 25,000 euros per month.

Laurent Ruquier touches thousands and cents. He says it himself! “I make money, a lot of money, too much for that matter,” he told Marie Claire reporters in an interview quoted by Planet. “I take advantage of a situation that I am offered, I will not refuse,” he explained.

Yet earning so much money makes it complex. He said it several times, especially on the set of We are not lying, the show he hosted and co-produced on France 2. And some might find that there is reason! According to a report from VSD, he would be paid at least 70,000 euros per month to host the program Les Grosses Têtes, on RTL. However, he must share the sum with his technical team.

Let’s not forget either that this is not Laurent Ruquier’s only source of income. He received 40,000 euros per month for the program On va s’gêner on Europe 1, details Capital. Not to mention the 10,000 euros he received per program We are not lying, as GQ reminds us…

According to Capital Nagui would be, in 2017, the second highest paid animator in France. Like Cyril Hanouna, he created his company, Air Productions. And like H2O, it has also been a subsidiary of the Banijay company since 2008. Nagui would still own 5.3% of the shares, which would represent a value of 20 million euros.

For the 2017 season, France Télévision would have ordered between 30 and 32 million euros of programs from him.

In addition, as reported by Le Dauphiné, the animator-producer would receive very large fees to animate the multiple programs he presents (Everyone wants to take his place, Taratata, Do not forget the lyrics, among others). The amount of these stamps would vary from 75,000 euros to one million. What to envy.

To animate The Original Band every day on France Inter, Nagui would also receive between 120,000 and 150,000 euros in annual salary.

“If I do too much TV to the detriment of more noble activities, it’s because I’m venal, I like money”, explained Thierry Ardisson to the Journal du Dimanche. After all, he continues, “being old is boring, but being old and poor is worse.” One thing is certain, as Le Figaro reports, is that the 69-year-old host is not poor. In 2018, he revealed his five-figure salary, considered indecent by several observers.

Each month, Thierry Ardisson received between 15,000 and 20,000 euros … An income in particular due to the multiple hats he wore. He was both an animator, film and television producer, writer, publicist… Every weekend, until 2019, he presented Salut les Terrans! and Les Terriens du dimanche on C8, but he also worked for other shows such as La Zygel Académie (France 2), which he produced through his company Téléparis.

According to the information revealed by Capital in its March 2017 issue, Yann Barthès is the third most profitable animator in France.

Like Cyril Hanouna and Nagui, behind whom he ranks, he is not only an animator, which explains how he can generate so much money. Indeed, Yann Barthès is also the producer of his many shows, since he is the majority co-shareholder of his company, Bangumi. It is from her that France 2 or TMC order its flagship programs, Daily and Stupéfiant. Over the year 2016-2017, it would have earned 27 million euros in turnover.

If the exact salary of the Savoyard animator is not known, we know however that it was not for a question of money that he left Canal … Since he had indicated that he would not earn “no more , Not less”. “When I was exposed to Vincent Bolloré’s strategy, namely to encrypt part of the Petit Journal, I said to myself that it was not possible. I preferred to leave”, he explains in an interview. granted to Télé 2 Semaines, of which 20 minutes is echoed.

His salary was controversial: Christine Angot, columnist for We are not lying, criticized Jean-Luc Reichmann for doing too much as soon as a candidate earned 10,000 euros on his show. All the more, she estimated, that 10,000, “that’s what he gets in two quick little shows”, reports Jean-Marc Morandini on his blog.

If Jean-Luc Reichmann never confirmed the figure put forward by Christine Angot, he tried to defend himself by explaining that seeing and making his guests happy contributed to his own pleasure.

However, according to information from Télé 2 Semaines (paper edition of January 2, 2017), the host of the Twelve noon shots would receive a lot more money. Each month, he would pocket a check for… 125,000 euros. He would achieve this tour de force “by recording a lot” of programs, reports Le Dauphiné which echoes the report of Télé 2 Semaines.

Since 2012, Nikos Aliagas has hosted The Voice, Emmanuel Macron’s favorite TV show, as Planet already wrote.

For his work, the host would receive the very comfortable sum of 27,000 euros gross…. By issue, reveals Capital in its paper magazine of March 2017, taken over by Here. In 2016, The Voice had no fewer than 16 shows. In total, he would therefore have received 432,000 euros in remuneration. A considerable salary which, however, remains less impressive than that of Jean-Pierre Foucault. The latter would actually receive 35,000 euros to animate the election of Miss France… Or for a single evening of work. It is, according to the monthly economy, to him that returns the palm of the animator (but not producer) the best paid in France.

In 2022, the TPMP People team had debated on the salaries of TV hosts. According to Matthieu Delormeau, Denis Brogniart would receive the tidy sum of 35,000 euros for each of his appearances in the show Ninja Warrior. An amount that the latter refuted in the columns of Télé Star.

“I would like to earn 35,000 euros per show on Ninja Warrior. If he can get me that amount, I immediately hire Mathieu Delormeau as my agent!” compared to the actual facts”.

Surprised by the words of Cyril Hanouna’s sidekick, the host of Koh-Lanta continued its momentum. “He of course didn’t bother to call me to check them. I won’t say how much I earn but I also told him he was completely wrong (…) I don’t get paid in salary but stamped on my company. And when I earn 10, there are three left to give you an idea of ​​the ratio”. On good terms.