Since 2008, more than ten years, there is now the Audi Q5. According to many well-hung specimens of the first Generation are used offered, however, surprisingly high prices. Even for early copies of the first years of most five-digit sums are called. The reason is simple: In terms of its robustness, the Ingolstadt-based middle-class-high-legged as almost exemplary.

body and interior

you can’t argue in terms of economy of space, however. The Q5 is anything other than closely, however, given its 4.60 meters long body, the Space efficiency is rather average. 540 litres of boot space, which can grow thanks to the foldable rear bench to 1,540 litres. The occupants sit slightly raised and quite comfortable. But, above all, in terms of materials and workmanship of the Ingolstadt-based company is able to pamper its guests. Here are the Audi’s specified Standards are high and the Ensemble is also from today’s point of view, you still need to see value. Meanwhile, slightly dusty to the MMI effect, however, the operating concept of the infotainment system, with its rotating reset button. Audi, in the Meantime, there are a larger number of older used copies of the Q5, the prices remain still high.


From the first model year, a 155 kW/211 HP strong petrol engine and two diesel engines were offered for the Q5 with 125 kW/170 and 176 kW/240 HP. A few months later, a two litre petrol engine followed with 132 kW/180 HP, a 3.2 FSI 199 kW/270 PS and a 2.0-litre diesel with 105 kW/143 HP. Over the years it has given to all the Four – and six-cylinder engines Updates, with a slight performance increases as well as lower consumption went hand in hand. So who decides for a particular engine, you should consider to keep to the recent and enhanced variations on the look-out. While the gasoline were consistently sold in combination with all-wheel drive, the base diesel with 105 kW/143 HP and, starting in 2013 with 110 kW/150 HP and 140 kW/190 HP variant of the 2.0 TDI to have the optional with front-wheel drive. Mandatory with a manual transmission only the base diesel was offered. The other four-cylinder variants, one could choose between manual and automatic transmissions, the latter are obligatory for all six-cylinder. Audi The elegant interior of the Audi Q5 impresses with its high quality look and feel

if you prefer a more sporty, should be a model year 2013 offered the SQ5 look for. In Germany, this version was sold officially only with a diesel engine that was first offered with 230 kW/313 HP, and as of 2015, with 240 kW/326 HP, respectively, in the “plus”variant with 250 kW/340 HP. In Parallel, Audi has built the SQ5 also with a 260-kW/354-HP gasoline engine that was intended for import markets. Nevertheless, a few copies of this, the strongest expansion stage of the Q5 to be found on the used market – but on a high price level. Again rare and generally cheaper than a SQ5, the hybrid version is offered, the Audi between 2011 and 2015. In addition to a particularly extensive range of standard equipment and good driving performance (the system performance of 180 kW/245 HP), the petrol-driven two-tonner with a moderate consumption of about seven litres.

The big become small, Alternative safety, and equipment

there is Already a base-Q5 offers a proper equipment, which includes, for example, climate control, CD-Radio or 18-inch wheels. Audi’s range of attractive options, however, was extremely extensive. After the niceties, such as Parking beepers, electric tailgate, adaptive cruise control, as well as the since the face lift, available blind spot and lane-keeping assistant, you have to hold targeted on the look-out. Basically, the safety features of the first Q5 is also from today’s point of view is very extensive, which resulted in the SUV at the 2009 Euro NCAP crash test, an exemplary Five-star result. Audi is The high-legged five-door hatchback, thanks to its well-balanced design is a visually pleasant appearance

Similar to pleasing as the crash test also the judgment in the TÜV-Report in terms of its long-term qualities. In the younger specimens Used in the susceptibility to defects is significantly below the Segment average, although the like to as a business car used series exceptionally high running has benefits. With age, the number of defects is increasing, but the distance to the Segment-average increases this even more. In the case of steering, dampers and springs, the TÜV are critical of the controller, almost never. And also many of the SUV model series is often susceptible to suspension show, the Ingolstadt-based mid-size SUV is very solid. The lighting problems occur not only in far under the average of all tested vehicles. Particularly good results were there in terms of brakes: At any of the tested Q5 the effect of the operating brake or Parking brake was objected to even in the case of older Pre.


since a number of years, Audi is the first Q5-Generation of a particular sound Used Images. This lead through tough technology is capable of the SUV, even in advanced age with flying colours to defend. And this has, unfortunately, also on the used prices, as these reflect the wisdom of the ages: quality has its price.

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