In a further step, the convergence of South and North Korea have initiated the restoration of its rail and road links across the border. At the laying of the Foundation stone ceremony at the train station of Panmun in the border near the North Korean town of Kaesong had participated in on Wednesday, numerous representatives from both countries, the United Nations and neighboring States, reported South Korean TV stations and the news Agency Yonhap.

the remote destination is South Korea, and North Korea is the transport to the Eurasian continent, and therefore the economic relations. In addition, the route network needs to be in North Korea modernized. At the end of 2008, North Korea had a section of the rail link to the South for a short distance, less than a year after their recovery to be interrupted.

After the serious tensions in the past year due to a number of nuclear and missile tests by North Korea, both States approach since the beginning of this year.