With Tom Brady and Tiger Woods – ghosts-Golf: shorts and spells fleet of The United States, the TV-suitability of tournaments without a spectator tested. During the Competition with legends from different sports Surprising showed.René Stauffer0 comment top Golf in front of empty stands: Phil Mickelson of the NFL legend Tom Brady delivers a brilliant template that he utilized to the Eagle. Nevertheless, the two documents at the end of Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning.Video: PGA Tour

they played in short pants, wore their racket yourself, and sporty, it was nothing more than the honor. But they played again, and Live sports was back in the United States, and this fact caused for relief. After two tournaments in Florida that were broadcast live, there is evidence to suggest that the American PGA Tour picks up one of the first professional organizations competitions after the Corona-break – with four tournaments without a spectator, the first of 18. to 21. June in Forth Worth, Texas.

The centre stand last Sunday, Tiger Woods, in his home club, Medalist GC in Jupiter, together with the American Football legend Peyton Manning against Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady, a NFL Star, took. “To say the event didn’t disappoint would be an Understatement,” wrote the New York Times. In addition, Woods’ Golf, and his back were already back in great shape.

25 million for Corona victims

The overall objective of this show occasion was to raise money for victims of the Corona-crisis. This was achieved impressively. On the first weekend of $ 5.5 million were collected, 20 million were added to them. Just as exciting but the question is, how much a four-hour Golf tournament without spectators and to tie with a minimum field of participants – the TV-athlete is capable of.

the Experiment was a success, you have to say. In this case, the Lack of crowds and the in the USA, omnipresent “In the hole provided!”-Call for an exciting side-effect with high entertainment value: Because the dialogues and sayings of the player were suddenly audible. And because it was sporty to nothing, reminded the dialogues of Foppereien among weekend hackers.

especially the NFL-the legend of Brady had to listen to it a lot, especially since he moved in at the Start of a miserable half hour, and hardly a Ball reasonably played. The former basketball star Charles Barkley went on the microphone hard with him to court, and Brooks Koepka, the No. 3 in the Golf world, spread via Twitter, he will donate 100’000 dollars, should Brady cope with a hole in Par. Shortly thereafter, Brady was able then but the blow of the day, as he einlochte from almost 100 meters directly to the Birdie. Also, Woods participated in the Trash-Talk. “Finally, you have taken the course,” he said to Brady ironic – in fact, this was but the Fairway of another hole added.

No Caddies, no spectators: Still Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning with full concentration in your fight against Mickelson/Brady went.Photo: Reuters

the PGA Tour wants to start operating again as quickly as possible, together with the good TV contracts. Unlike, for example, the (as well as the British Open) is already cancelled tournament in Crans-Montana to generate the big US tournaments a lot more revenue through TV money than entrance fees. Still are but overcome some of the hurdles, until it can re-start. Part of this is that the entry into the United States for the foreign players as simple as possible. From the PGA Tour for players at least 25 are currently located outside of the United States, about 35 Caddies come.

Should rise the Plan of the Tour-leaders, would take place in tournaments this year, but 36 of the 49 PGA. Including the in the late summer and autumn, suspended three American Major Championships (PGA Championship, US Open and Masters). And also the in Whistling Straits, to be held at the end of the Ryder Cup is at the end of September still in the calendar.

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