In front of the top Bundesliga match – Lewandowski or Haaland: Who is better?In the top game between Bayern and Dortmund, the to the time highest-scoring striker duel. Both could decide the Match. The editor has compared them. Laura Inderbitzin, Nils Hänggi0 KommentareWer in the top of the fight the difference? Robert Lewandowski (left) or Erling Haaland?Photo: KeystoneDie striker are both highly efficient, but otherwise very different. Haaland is 19 years young and has only played since the beginning of the year in the Bundesliga.Photo: keystone, he is also the games seasoned national players (112 countries), and led Poland’s Captain at the world Cup in 2018.Photo 1 / 9

today Will be decided the evening the German championship? While the protagonists deny that are many Fans of this opinion. Bayern Munich wins the duel (from 18.30 live in the Ticker), the record Champions are already seven points ahead of pursuers Dortmund and Borussia would lose the connection.

The whole football world is watching, therefore, clamped to the top of the game and prior to two actors: Robert Lewandowski and Erling Haaland. It is the first meet of the exception-rounder that can decide the game of both. But as talented as both of the strikers are, as different as they are in other points. A comparison in seven points. Who is better?

hit rate

The most Important thing in the strikers first: Both of the meetings, such as on the treadmill. Both of them are in the shape of your life. With a total of 27 goals, Lewandowski leads the scorers list ahead of RB Leipzig players Timo Werner (24 hits). Erling Haaland with his 10 hits, only on # 12. A Clue? Not in the least. Finally, the Norwegians came in the Winter to Germany. And since then, he has proved to be extremely worthwhile Investment. Ten League games, scoring ten goals. Two more than Lewandowski, the dispatch in the second round due to injury just eight times, but eight times met. The average of goals from both is 1.0. So who is better at scoring goals? It’s difficult to say. In addition, both this season – scored in all competitions – 41 goals in 35 Games.

point for Haaland. He is younger than the Pole, and his hit rate is for his inexperience impressive.

Haaland: 1 – Lewandowski: 0

The cheering pose of Haaland went around the world.Photo: keystone spielart

Haaland hits, preferably with his strong left foot and makes up 30 per cent of their goals after the break, a BVB specialty. Means: With the Norwegians, Dortmund have a lot of options in attack. You can keep the Ball and then in the depth, in the interface games, or try it with edges on the 1.94 m big giant. And Lewandowski? The Pole is the personalized scoring chances, he has practically no weaknesses, is a complete striker. Proof: The 31-Year-old is on the best way to secure his fifth top scorer’s cannon in Germany.

point for Lewandowski. The Pole is the more complete striker and has been for many years.

Haaland: 1 – Lewandowski: 1


there’s No question that Both strikers are fit as a fiddle, fantastic values out of this season to confirm their performance. Haaland is 1.94 m, but ten centimeters taller, and the balance he brings around ten kilos more than Lewandowski (around 90 kg vs. around 80 kg). In terms of stature of Dortmund has the nose from the front. As for the age, have, however, both have their advantages and disadvantages: While the 19-year-old Haaland a few is still too young, the 31-year-old Lewandowski, for some, already something into the years.

point for Haaland. The stature of the young Norwegian is remarkable. To be able to stop him, you need to show the defender your entire Can.

Haaland: 2 – Lewandowski: 1

of experience

At first glance, this is clearly the category for Lewandowski. The Pole has completed in his career, 315 Bundesliga, 86 Champions-League-and 112 international matches. In his first Bundesliga season (with Dortmund, for which he 187 games denied) he won the championship title. For the service provider a further six titles (five of them with Bayern), 2018 followed, he led Poland’s Captain at the world Cup. Haaland is at a ten-League-, eight -, CL -, and the two countries play. But … no, there is no “But”. On second glance, this category is clear to the 31-Year-old. For Haaland has a Golden future ahead of him. If it should continue as before, he will have the same age as Lewandowski more experience in the Luggage.

point for Lewandowski. He is an experienced and hard-nosed, winning dozens of titles.

Haaland: 2 – Lewandowski: 2

“Haaland can be a second Lewandowski.”

Ottmar Hitzfeld, former coach of Bayern and Dortmund

importance in the title fight

Dortmund sporting Director Michael Zorc said before the tip of game: “If we want to play for the championship, we should win.” And for the win, Dortmund desperately need goals from Haaland, especially as Marco Reus fails. But even the Bavarians are dependent on your offensive gem. Lewandowski is the only “proper” striker in the squad. Even Thomas Müller, or the Youngster Joshua Zirkzee can play on his Position. The Problem: It is Miller’s favorite position is, and Zirkzee is very young. Thus: Lewandowski and Haaland both have a huge importance for your Team in the title fight.

point for Lewandowski. Without the poles, Bayern had already often issues. Lewandowski is the life insurance of Munich is.

Haaland: 2 – Lewandowski: 3

the coach

Ottmar Hitzfeld – not only the former coach of the Swiss national team, but also of Bayern and Dortmund – said the “Kicker”: “Haaland can be a second Lewandowski.” This opinion is Bayern Coach Hansi Flick not. It was “too early” for a comparison. Haaland would be in the League still at the beginning, he says. And: “Robert has acted the last few years, always on a world-class level.” Also BVB coach Lucien Favre praised Lewandowski several times: “He is in the penalty area to fire dangerous.” The coaches are so convinced from Poland? Not at all. After his great Start in the Bundesliga in January, several coaches showered also Haaland with praise. And Favre paid homage to him at the press conference before the summit, at least indirectly. “We have become better. We have committed to two players, and have a different presence,” said the Swiss.

point for both of them. Flick and Favre praise of your striker. Both coaches know what they have on their protégés.

Haaland: 3 – Lewandowski: 4

This is it, the spirits-Interview by Haaland. Video: TwitterDas you don’t say

Haaland is in Interviews, very talkative. Best example: His spirits Interview after the 4:0 Derby win against Schalke. With a total of eight English words, and without any sign of Facial expression answered the Norwegian young star the four questions of a more and more desperate reporter. Otherwise Lewandowski. He shows in Interviews more talkative – at least a little. With Poland, the journalists can at least have proper conversations.

point for both of them. Whether talkative or not, the truth is on the pitch.

Haaland: 4 – Lewandowski: 5

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