Corona outbreak in Frankfurt – 112 Infected after worship: Church admits error After a Church service in Frankfurt have infected over a hundred people with the Coronavirus in spite of the concepts. Now it is clear how it could happen. 2 Kommentare2Hätten the microphone can be prevented? The gospel Christians Baptist Church in Frankfurt. Photo: Sebastian Kramer, DPA/Keystone

In connection with the Coronavirus outbreak in Frankfurt and other Hessian counties with at least 112 of the officially reported Infected new findings come to light. On the website of the concerned parish of the responsible areas for the first time, shortcomings in the implementation of the service on 10. May a.

you have a separate in – and outputs is used, sufficient disinfectant provided and a distance of 1.5 meters complied with. Pent-up demand, however, was apparently elsewhere: “In hindsight, it would be appropriate to wear during the worship service, the mouth-nose protection cover, and to dispense with the common chant,” write the gospel Christians-Baptists Frankfurt on your Website.

A General mask of duty, or a singing ban has the state of Hesse for the recovery of the Church’s operation by 1. May very also never. Some of the local religious communities, however, have decided of further measures. Which is why Hesse rubbed in the difference to the public transport and in shops no Mask requirement for the visit to the churches must, let the Hessian Ministry of social Affairs on the request of the “hessenschau” unanswered.

club Chairman in critical condition

The Hessen health authorities have started according to information immediately with the Contact Tracing of the Infected, the possible chains of Infection at an early stage to interrupt. Many of the devout members of the congregation come from Russia. The majority has not put directly at the service itself, but only in retrospect, as a result of the contact to be present attached.

The Hessian Ministry of social Affairs increased the number of Infected on Monday of 107 to 112. Since there is in the Church a lot of families with five and more children, to take the number of contagions at home, writes the free Church on your Website.

The persons Affected are in a domestic quarantine. The Chairman of the Association is located, in its Letter to the free Church as the Only one in critical condition in the intensive care unit. Many were, however, “on a good path of recovery,” and some were already back to health. In the meantime, the Church carries out according to their services only online.

lists of names at Church events

Whether and what are the consequences of must be free of fear of the Church, is still unclear. “The facts of the case must first be accurately informed,” said the Hessian Minister for social Affairs Kai Klose on Monday. Only then can be assessed whether and how to consider consequences were.

If the re-Corona-the outbreak has something Good, then that existing measures need to be reconsiders. Some voices recommend the Lead to a list of names for better tracking of the Infected, as it already is in restaurants in Germany. Although some of the churches were to do so, but only on a voluntary Basis. A uniform policy on the part of the Federal land would enable quick and efficient tracking of contacts, said Frankfurt health Department, Stefan Majer.


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