The fugitive criminal, and Paul Flowers (53) has established itself as Friday morning marked the prison of Leuven-based Help system. This was confirmed with our support team.

the Flowers that was on the 24th of may up to fifteen years imprisonment convicted and sentenced by the flemish assisenhof, for the murder of his girlfriend, Anja, Vanheer (47) from Kortenaken. After the death in August of 2017 and sat on the Flowers for fourteen months in a pretrial, but will he be allowed to go to trial under electronic surveillance. After his conviction, the man was not an immediate arrest is imposed. At the end of August, cut off his ankle bracelet and disappeared on him.

The man was on the Most Wanted list of fugitive criminals to come to be. However, after his disappearance extended to the media, one which, in this newspaper, decided to put the man in his fifties is Friday morning and spontaneously to the prison.

for More on the Justice, Once again, a couple suddenly disappear: “the Dangerous inmates more quickly in the cell,” “A year’s a long time that the worst of the details to be seen, which is important in a jury process on march 22, will be the longest, most expensive and the heaviest ever, was the First Belgian donorkind to drag the doctor to court because they are wrong seed, for conception by Magistrates, not to mention the cost of the process around the attacks, Commented: “for 17 million euro to spend on a single process, for those who can understand it?”