In danger of life – Six seriously injured after a collision on the Gotthard PassBei a serious traffic accident on the Gotthard pass road, the two cars met head-on. Yet the cause of the accident is unclear.Two cars collided head-on. Rescue media, all of the occupants were seriously injured. Rescue MediaDie the cause of the accident is unknown, who has steered the vehicles is unclear. (Archive image)Keystone/Pablo Gianinazzi1 / 5

On the Gotthard pass road at the North portal of the Fieud tunnel it came on Thursday evening shortly after 22.35 watch to a serious traffic accident. Six seriously injured people had to be admitted to the hospital, as the Ticino cantonal police said.

A, in the direction of the North driving car with Belgian number plates and three Albanian state joined the citizens at the age of 39, 33 and 25 years of age on Board, from yet unknown reasons, collided head-on with an oncoming, in Italy registered the car.

accident is unclear

On Board of the oncoming vehicle were three British citizens from Northern Ireland, two men aged 25 and 27 years, and a woman at the age of 24 years. Yet, according to police unclear who had directed the cars and how it came to the accident.

All six occupants were injured in the violent collision difficult. Two of them are still in life danger. The Fieud Tunnel had to be closed. The traffic is redirected to the old Tremola-road. The Gotthard pass road will remain until Friday morning 08.00 am locked out.

A helicopter of the Rega, and five ambulances were involved in the rescue of injured persons. The fire brigade of the Gotthard-use center with four vehicles on-site. She removed traces of Oil and other leaking fluids.

(SDA / chk)