While 2022 broke all records by becoming the hottest year ever recorded in France since records began in 1900, summer 2023 promises to be just as scorching. To protect your garden from high heat and lack of water which have harmful consequences on your plants, we have listed a few simple and effective actions for you in our slideshow below.

Several water restriction measures have already been put in place to combat drought in certain municipalities in France. For example, watering your garden and vegetable patch, or even filling your swimming pool, can be subject to a fine in more French departments.

Some plants are much better at withstanding heat waves than others. If you want to redo your garden, or simply buy new plants, we advise you to opt for the following plants, which are known not to fear drought, as reported by the Gamm Vert website:

Find in our slideshow below all the tips to adopt on a daily basis to take good care of your plants.