Since the implementation of a discount of 30 cents applied by the State on September 1, 2022, motorists are rushing to petrol stations to be able to take advantage of it. This government measure should be maintained until October 31, 2022.

Especially since, according to France 3, TotalEnergies has lowered the price by another 20 cents. In total, a saving of 50 cents is therefore possible for a liter at the group’s petrol stations. As a result, they faced a shortage after a few days. Because many French people rushed there to take advantage of the advantageous offer…

This is because these reductions are particularly important for saving money. “I will earn 15 euros on my full tank of gas” observes a motorist in the media cited above. By refueling three times a month, it still saves €45.

Every liter counts, and no question of wasting it. So behind the wheel, it is better to have a conduct, too, more measured. According to economists from the Asterès firm interviewed by TF1, a 20km/h reduction in speed on the motorway would save €125/year.

Which still represents a nice reduction in the bill when you know that the average budget of a French couple is €500 per year.

And it’s not over. The director of a driving simulator company, Stéphane Delveter, told TF1: “When the car is launched, you have to understand that when you let go of the accelerator, the instantaneous consumption is zero, and you can make hundreds of meters without the need for fuel”.

Thus, on the simulator, he demonstrates it: consumption can decrease from 4.8 to 3.2 liters per 100km, and therefore make a reduction of 300€ per year.