The end is near for the Pinel device, which since 2014 allowed to benefit from a tax reduction for the purchase of a property intended for rental. The government sounded the death knell for the program last June. As of January 1, 2024, the tax reductions will become less significant for owners, going from 10.5 to 9% for a property rented for 6 years, from 15% to 12% for a property rented for 9 years and from 17.5% to 14% for a property rented for 12 years. The system will be completely extinguished on December 31, 2024. It is then no longer possible for owners to reduce their taxes thanks to this mechanism.

A good reason to be interested today rather than tomorrow in the possibilities of purchases and attractive rental parks in France. To identify the best transactions in Pinel while there is still time, Capital has screened the territory with the help of the Real Estate Laboratory.

The selection of the cities most favorable to a rental purchase is based on several criteria such as the good profitability of the property purchased (ratio of sums invested, rents) and indicators on the quality of the sectoral rental market (low vacancy rates, positive demographic evolution.)

The first lesson to be learned to find attractive prices providing a good rental yield in this period is certainly to move away from the capital and the centers of large metropolises, to prefer medium-sized cities. Overview of the territorial opportunities available to you.