Fuel prices: here’s how to pay 1.50 euros for a liter of gasoline


1.50 euros per liter of fuel… A price that motorists in France have not seen for a very long time. And yet! Since Thursday, August 31, it is possible to pay this amount at the pump. All you have to do is combine these two aids to drastically reduce the bill.

Since August 31, the rebate put in place by the government a few months ago to help households pay for their petrol has gone from 18 cents to 30 cents. It’s already 12 cents saved on a liter of fuel.

But that’s not all. If you’re smart, you can also consciously choose your gas station. Because for several weeks, TotalEnergies has in turn applied an additional discount at the pump, of 20 cents per liter, in its 3,500 gas stations across France.

By combining these two “boosts”, you will therefore earn, from now on, 50 euro cents per liter of fuel.

And, according to the calculations of the newspaper Le Parisien, it is therefore possible “to find a liter of SP95-E10, on average at 1.74 euros at the moment, for less than 1.50 euros in at least 1389 service stations in France”.

The daily even mentions a few stations where the liter could even be charged below 1.50 euro: euro in Villeurbanne (Rhône) and in Aix-en-Provence (Bouches-du-Rhône)”.

On the other hand, continues the Parisian, do not expect great savings if you drive on diesel …

Above all, take advantage of it: the measures will not last. The government rebate runs until the end of October, while the TotalEnergies offer ends on November 1.