Due to a series of glitches – Swisscom-tip in front of the national Council Commission antrabenNach the fourth accident in five months, the Swisscom device under political pressure. The heads of the telelkom provider will now have to stand in front of the competent Committee and answer questions.0 KommentareDie map of reported incidents in the Swisscom network on Tuesday 26. May, 2020 at 12: 30. Source: all of the disorders.ch

The Federal office for communications (Ofcom) is to investigate the problems of Swisscom. The competent national Council and Commission cited the peak of the Telecom provider. The Commission for transport and telecommunications (KVF) of the national Council had decided on Tuesday that it will host the next meeting at the end of June, the Swisscom top to a hearing, said the national Council Jon Pult (SP/GR), European Commission Vice-President in the programme “this Morning” Radio SRF.

“We expect that Swisscom is also there to answer questions and also provides transparency about the causes of this series of glitches.” In the case of the previous mishaps at the beginning of this year, the talk was of different causes have been: Once from a Hardware failure, of human failure; with respect to the failure by the Tuesday we knew nothing.

Until the end of June must be clear whether there is a connection, and whether or not within the Swisscom structural problems, said the console. “You have to change something, so that we simply have a more stable, more secure network, which is also very important for the security and also the economy and society in this country?” The KVF expect that the top management of the group show a way to a better future without such mishaps and network failures.

Swisscom to the Commission for transport and telecommunications of the Naionarates Red and the answer, as Vice-President of the Commission, Jon Pult announced. Photo: Geatan Bally/keystone a lot of confidence

It is a playful handle a case in which delays were no longer displayed. “Swisscom has lost in the last few months, quite a lot of confidence, said the SP national councillor. It should work, that Swisscom concern together with the Federal government and with the policy that Switzerland could citizens have confidence in the telephony network.

The Federal government holds a 51 percent majority stake in Swisscom. On Tuesday, it came at the Telecom provider already the fourth major breakdown this year. The Swisscom network affected during hours. Calls via mobile networks for business and private customers were not possible. Also calls from the Mobile and the landline Business numbers (08xx) and also to “Corporate”numbers (058) were partially not possible. The App “Alert Swiss” of the Federal office for the protection of the population, had been reported also for some of the cantons, that the emergency numbers we were no longer on the cell phone.

(SDA /aru)

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