Food waste: 7 tips to stop losing 67 euros per month


Bad habits die hard. According to a HelloFresh* study carried out by Censuswide, French people throw away an average of 67 euros worth of food every month. An astronomical sum which is all the more so in a context of inflation which undermines more than one portfolio.

Thus, the food budget of consumers reaches nearly 82 euros per week on average, a figure which tends to climb because 34% of them believe that they regularly exceed it. Among these consumers, half spend more than 73 euros each week.

More than a quarter of those questioned also decide to throw away between 26 and 50% of the products purchased… A bad habit that can be explained in several ways: a lack of food preservation, poor management of the shopping list, compulsive purchases or unforeseen events in the schedule. If you are sometimes powerless in the face of food waste situations, rest assured: a few good reflexes will gladly save your wallet.

To help you recover those 67 euros that eat into your budget – and your fridge – every month, Planet has concocted a list of 7 simple tips to put in place to say goodbye once and for all to food waste. Check them out in our slideshow below.

*Study carried out by Censuswide for HelloFresh from May 11 to 18, 2022 on 1679 people representative of the French national population aged 18 and over.