Fuel shortage, energy crisis…: the 6 scams to watch out for this week


Scammers are always more inventive. Identity theft, fraudulent SMS or even totally fake tempting offers: there are many strategies they adopt to deceive us.

With each turn of the news, scammers jump at the chance and instrumentalize these situations that we keep talking about. In addition, the concerns related to the multiple crises currently raging are a very fertile ground for scams of all kinds.

Indeed, messages that appeal to our emotions are much more likely to attract our attention. In a desperate situation, we are less likely to wonder, for example, if this offer might not be a little too good to be true…

The two ubiquitous concerns in recent days in the daily life of the French, namely the rise in the price of energy and the shortage of national gasoline, have thus seen the birth of an anthology of new scams. Because individuals desperate for fuel to fill their car are easy prey for scammers.

Scammers of all kinds are also eager to exploit the rumors and fake news that abound at present: the conspiracy theory of the “energy pass” is in particular a very good excuse to ring your doorbell pretending to be an agent. EDF…

Planet regularly informs you about the new types of scams that are rampant, and has gathered here the 6 most recent fraudulent maneuvers to be wary of.