The first buds are pointing the tip of their nose, the weather is warming up, spring is fast approaching. With him, will also come the beautiful days. On the plates, change is also coming as fresh summer dishes will soon take precedence over comforting winter dishes.

One thing is certain, whatever the contents of the plate, recall procedures are never far away. Indeed, meat, fish, cheese, fruit or vegetables, all types of products can be the subject of a sheet on the Rappel Conso website.

This website lists all the recalled products as well as the references and the list of the supermarkets concerned. But each brand such as Carrefour, E. Leclerc or even Intermarché, also has its own platform to inform customers in the event of a recall.

But what if you find that one of the foods in your possession has been recalled? First of all, it is important to check whether the product poses a risk to your health. In most cases, it is strongly advised not to consume the product to avoid any medical complications.

Then you have to go to the point of sale where the product was purchased to deliver it to the supermarket. It is then possible to obtain a refund or an exchange.

Currently, foods of all kinds are subject to recall procedures. Discover in our slideshow all the products to put aside and bring back to the store to avoid any risk.