Times are tough for French households. The cost of living continues to rise. The prices of many everyday products have soared under the effect of the health crisis and then the war in Ukraine. Thus, foodstuffs cost on average 6.8% more than a year ago, with products particularly affected such as pastas, flours, oils and frozen meats.

The French are not spared either by their electricity and gas bills, which have increased by around 28.5% compared to last year. In total, one-year inflation reached 5.8% in June 2022 and 6.1% in July, according to INSEE observations. And it’s not about to stop: the trend is expected to continue at least until mid-2023.

The clothing sector is an exception to this inflationary surge, with a price increase of only 0.6%. The areas of small non-motorized tools (10.5%), scanners and printers (9.8%), refrigerators and freezers (8%) or even newspapers (5.4%) and cars (5.1 %) cannot say the same. Here are the non-food products whose prices have increased the most in recent months.