Tonnerre de Brest, Captain Haddock would say. The storms will hit hard in the skies of France this Thursday evening and this Friday morning. 75 departments are currently on yellow alert for this climatic phenomenon and Météo France has also placed 48 departments on alert for Friday June 30. In its latest bulletin, the institute evokes rainy-stormy passages which will affect a large part of the country until Saturday. “The accumulations can be locally significant in a short time and a little hail is possible” on the regions concerned, it is added.

For its part, La Chaîne Météo has placed 19 departments on alert from tonight 6 p.m. to Friday evening 6 p.m. Here is what this new episode of thunderstorms will bring, according to the specialized site:

Will the thunderstorms last through the weekend? No, but the weather will not be calmer for all that. In its forecasts, La Chaîne Météo predicts “clouds, showers, wind and rain” and few departments will really be spared. Saturday will be a particularly gloomy day. Temperatures will drop from this Saturday, July 1.

The weather will therefore not be good from this Friday until Sunday July 2. Is your department already on storm alert? Check the list below to find out.