He will celebrate his 95th birthday in June. Jean-Marie Le Pen, founder and former president of the National Front, has been discreet in the press for several years, but does not remain totally absent from the media scene. He regularly gives his opinion on the news through videos posted on YouTube.

Lately, he has rather worried those around him, his adviser learning several weeks ago from the press that the nonagenarian had to be hospitalized following health concerns that arose at his home in Rueil-Malmaison (Hauts-de-Seine). He was admitted to hospital on April 15 for a heart attack, a new hospitalization after that of February 2022, following a mild stroke.

The day after this new hospitalization, his daughter Marine Le Pen wanted to be reassuring and gave the first news on the state of health of the man nicknamed “the patriarch” of the Le Pen clan. “My father is gloriously on his 95th birthday and therefore it requires from time to time a few visits to the hospital to make adjustments in some way. But he is fine”, she explained on April 16 in the program Le Grand Jury broadcast on RTL, thanking “all those who inquired about his health”.

Since this declaration, no official information had filtered on the state of health of Jean-Marie Le Pen. Had he returned home? Was he still in the hospital? Not long ago, his granddaughter Marion Maréchal gave reassuring news.

On April 25, ten days after the hospitalization of her grandfather Jean-Marie Le Pen, Marion Maréchal gave her news during an interview on the Télématin program. She then explained: “He is still in the hospital, but day by day, we will say that he is recovering. He is brave, he never complains. That is his trademark”. “His life is not in danger […] He is very tired, but the doctors are rather encouraging”.

Marion Maréchal took advantage of an interview broadcast by the Paris Première channel this Wednesday, May 3, to give other news of her grandfather. Here’s what we know.

Invited on the program Let’s not get angry broadcast on Wednesday May 3 on Paris Première, Marion Maréchal announced that her grandfather Jean-Marie Le Pen had “returned home” and that he was “better”. He was therefore able to return to his home in Hauts-de-Seine after several weeks of hospitalization. “Faithful to his fighting character, he again amazed the doctors with his resilience”, added then the niece of Marine Le Pen, who moved away from the party founded by her family. Aged 94, the founder of the National Front will celebrate his 95th birthday on June 20.