After a career as an extra, a lingerie model as well as a body double, Frédérique Bel became known to the public thanks to her character of Dorothy Doll in the sequence La Minute blonde on Canal. In the process, she made a few appearances at the cinema before landing a role in the film Camping which will achieve 5.5 million admissions to the cinema.

In 2014, the career of the actress took a turn when Frédérique Bel went from blonde to brunette for her role in What did we do to the good god? with Christian Clavier and Chantal Lauby. “It’s because of this film that I became a brunette. I wanted to look like my mother, played by Chantal Lauby, and, as I was playing a lawyer, which changed me from my comic roles, I wanted to offer something different,” she told TV Mag.

A hair change that allowed her to open her professional spectrum as she explained in the rest of her interview. “I was offered other kinds of roles. Less comedy-oriented. Like the murderous transsexual character in the TF1 series La Mante, which was even praised by Stephen King! “, she had explained and from continue: “The turning point in my career happened at that time. Because I was brunette. But that did not change my notoriety”.

Recently, the actress has played in several feature films including Nina, Le Grand Restaurant, by Pierre Palmade, as well as in They love each other…well, almost! in 2022.

On the occasion of her birthday, Planet invites you to discover what she looked like at the start of her career.