The biggest murder case in Sweden – investigators call a murderer of Olof PalmeUm the assassination of the Swedish Prime Minister 34 years ago, dozens of conspiracy theories it came. Today, the Prosecutor announced, who is said to have killed the politician.0 KommentareDie investigation in the case of the 34 years ago murdered Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme set. Photo: Keystone

More than 34 years after the murder of the Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme made the investigators according to their own information to the alleged perpetrator. Because the man with the name was Stig died Engström years ago, could be no charge against him, announced the with the Palme investigation is entrusted to Prosecutor Krister Petersson on Wednesday. The Palme investigation be set.

Engström was for some time a hot trace in the case (read here for the background). In media reports, he was always referred to as “Skandia-man”. He found the night of the Murder near the scene of the crime, access to firearms and Palmes policy hated. In the year 2000, he had died.

A national Trauma for Sweden

The Palme murder is considered to be one of the biggest criminal cases in Europe, the murder investigations are among the most comprehensive and most expensive in the world. For Sweden the fact, and the long lack of prospect of substantial answers in the case of a national Trauma.

Olof Palme was on the evening of the 28. February, 1986, shortly before midnight, together with his wife on the way home from a Stockholm cinema to have been a man on the open road from behind had shot. The social Democrat, had been to this point for almost three and a half years, the Prime Minister, after he had had this office from 1969 to 1976 for a moment. Palme’s wife, Lisbet suffered a grazing shot. You survived the fact slightly injured.

movement in the year long process

mid-February, was surprisingly came movement in the case: Prosecutor Petersson had reported in a criminal broadcast on Swedish television of new tracks and announces that he believe in it, to be able before the summer to show what had happened in the night of the Crime.

The investigations to the fact were initially only very slowly. The investigators had followed over the years, numerous traces and references, which had led to the niches of each of the suspects, but also to the Kurdish PKK and the South Africa service a secret. A drug addict and a convicted man was taken to the end of 1988 and Lisbet Palme identified as the perpetrator. He was later sentenced by a court for the murder, in an appeal in the absence of flawless evidence, but again acquitted. In 2004, he died.

(SDA / red / step)

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