Bruges (brugge) –

The officers on the Board of the State Monday afternoon suggested that a part of the security measures for the Champions League match, Club Brugge, Paris Saint-Germain to stay the proceedings. Concretely, the hearing officer, that the so-called “dual control”, in which all of the FOLLOWING supporters, who have the match in the stadium would like to attend, by bus, from Paris, to be suspended it should be.

Club Brugge 22/10 at 21:00 Paris Saint-Germain Click here to watch live and to follow the lord Mayor, Dirk De fauw, of Bruges, was a combination arrangement is ordered, but a few of the supporters of the French soccer team had to fight against it, to the Council of State on board. The Council of State, to do the afternoon of judgment.

According to the officer, it is the city council that such safety measures, as well as the mayor, and that only in extremely urgent cases.

“But, in this case, there are, on the 3rd of september all of the conversations has been to “dual system,” said the officer. “It is not clear why there is to wait until the 27th of september to make this decision, nor any of the new information in the mean time, it would have been taken.”

in Addition, it seems that the measure is not based on any actual analysis of the risk of the PSG supporters, would provide for public safety, says the auditor. “The analysis refers mainly to the incident that occurred in the past may have occurred.”

The officer also stated that the mayor’s action for the match against PSG, justified with the same rationale as the one used for the measures taken on the occasion of the match against Galatasaray.

“It’s never going to be an ‘all-inclusive’statement” was still there. “The game against Galatasaray, there was also no evidence of a ‘dual control’, a distinction which has been made is not properly motivated.”

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