For a whole year: poachers have to look in prison, Bambi


    A court in the district of Lawrence in the us state of Missouri has sentenced a poacher for the illegal hunting of hundreds of deer to a year in prison. As a special punishment the man would have to look now behind bars every month “at least once”, the Disney classic film “Bambi”, reported by American media about the verdict.

    The 29-year-old had failed with his father and two brothers, against the “one giant list” of hunting laws, and in the past three years, hundreds of deer poached. After the shots on the deer, they cut off animals heads and left the carcasses lying.

    In the Disney animated film from the year 1942 it is the small deer Bambi, whose mother was shot by hunters, then by the father and his animal friends thumper and flower walk through life is accompanied. Randy Doman, head of the nature conservation authority, Missouri, was impressed by the the judge imposed the additional penalty. So the judge wanted to put the deeds of the Convicted person in a larger context.