AEK have to pay Athens due to the high ticket prices for the Fans of the FC Bayern Munich is a compensation to the German record football champion. The Greek Champions had to reimburse 32.880 Euro and thus the amount of 10 euros per Ticket to Munich, the European football Union Uefa on Friday. Athens has been warned by the Uefa. The club had demanded in the game against the FC Bayern too much money from the guests-trailers.

Thus, the Munich Fans had to pay 35 Euro for the 2:0 success of their Teams in the Champions League group stage in Athens in October, the AEK-trailer 15 Euro. According to the Uefa safety and security regulations, “may not be the prices for tickets of the supporters of the visiting team is higher than those for tickets of a comparable category that are sold to supporters of the home team”.

It is not the first case in which a Bayern opponent due to more expensive cards in the focus. The RSC Anderlecht Fans of Munich for excessive ticket prices for the Champions League had to compensate game in Brussels a year ago. At the time, had to be reimbursed for the 100 Euro expensive cards each, 30 Euro back.