At the weekend, has been established in the largely Orthodox Ukraine, a new Church. With the election of a Church leader in Kiev this year started the process was completed. In the magnificent St. Sophia Cathedral, a 39 years young Clergyman, was elected “Metropolitan of Kiev and all Ukraine”.

The meeting was called hope “Association Council”, because you should lead in the three churches divided the Orthodox of the country. However, the largest of the parts is subordinate to the Moscow Patriarchate – which had to lead to in the course of the scantily-clad Russian-Ukrainian war conflict.

Church boundaries to follow, sooner or later the country’s borders. This principle, it is probably due to that the Patriarch of Constantinople (Istanbul), the informal head of all the Orthodox, this reorganization has a lot of support. Although his Kingdom is not really of this world, but it is likely to have been be healthy earthly pragmatism, and continued to him, the Call from Kiev to give in and withdraw from the Ukraine after a good 300 years of the Moscow Church jurisdiction.

An occasion for the German Christians

As in 1917, the tsarist Empire was, and from his genetic make-up of new countries were created – Poland, Finland, Georgia, Estonia, the local Orthodox get short or long term own ecclesiastical structures, and of Moscow, more or less, cut the umbilical cord. At the time, it also tried the Ukrainians. In the same Cathedral, they attempted to establish an independent Orthodox Church, to the Sophie’s place before the Republic was proclaimed. The state-building failed, and with it the Church’s founding. Now, however, the “belated Nation” Ukraine is here again.

Now, the question arises: What is still Moscow-loyal Orthodox in the country? For weeks, they complain about pressure from the state. The Russian state television descended to the Thesis that there is in the Ukraine now a kind of “(Christians)persecution, such as in ancient Rome”. Critics point to the fact that the ownership of the three major Lavra-monasteries in the Ukraine, which belong to the state, but of the “Moscow” Church, used now by the authorities inventoried. There is prepared a Takeover? And why the Moscow loyalty to the Church is represented as a “fifth column” of Russia?