It’s amazing how open-minded, Yes, excited, almost, the German policy has called for responded, as the French President, recently, a “real European army”. Macron presented no formal proposal, he made a short remark in a radio interview, in which we went to many current questions. But even the Chancellor, who had formerly little to be desired for this idea, joined him immediately. And the Secretary of defense made the same thoughts about how the German Parliamentary approval would be in closer defense cooperation over save.

Amazing especially because this approval stands in contrast to the cool recording, found Macrons proposals for the Reform of the Euro area, in Germany. The rejection came not only from the Union, was not so basic that you won in France to the false impression that Germany let his last Partner in Europe in the rain. You have to be an international psychologist to understand what is going on there: Macrons ambitious plans for a common fiscal policy in the Euro countries attracted the attention of the Germans (once again) the fear of being the paymaster of Europe. The defense, however, is something that our country operations, in spite of the many abroad in the past years is still difficult to define. Above all, the political class would not mind if the unpopular responsibility for the Military would dissolve into a kind of European force.

Nato is not a good example

this is Probably, however, for a reason that is as old as war. “Never it will be seen that a state has in the matter of another appearance, this takes as seriously as his own,” observed Clausewitz once aptly put it. This is also true for the European defence. Of course, countries have faced each other in alliances, the Nato is a good example of this. But always make sure that you have in military matters, the last word, finally it is here, in the worst case, the physical Survival of their own people. This is exactly why the creation of a European defence community failed in the fifties, at the time, by the way to France. Until today, the iron coercion to unanimity in the EU in defence matters.

What exactly is meant Macron, has not yet become clear. However, it does not take much imagination to picture what he should not have had in mind. In Paris, it will seem to many strange, then, that the Germans with great zeal to invent models with which national sovereignty can be placed in this sensitive field in question: A security Council for Europe, an EU seat at the UN, more common troops – all of this is proposed by a country that struggled for twenty years with any use, decision, and a quieter front no longer tried to section, if it went any other way.