New Album by the Strokes Was it guys
New Album by the Strokes Was it guys

New Album by the Strokes, Was it, guys?The Strokes are the coolest rock band in the world, their new Album is great. Anyway, you seem pretty out of place.Linus Schöpfer1 Kommentar1Prägendste rock band after 2000: The Strokes from New York.Photo: PD

As I flew back with 16 out of a residence in England, I had two CDs in his Luggage. The one was a Best of the Smiths, the other the debut of five young Americans. “Is This It?” was the name of the Band came from New York, in 2001, was the year.

plays Mr President, we have had to Clear not to discuss: the wars.

the poetry of the Bored and euphoric energy seizures between tunes, which sounded, after a long time expected or just missed love. “I am too young and they are too old,” sang Julian Casablancas. Voice: a maximum of blasé.

The allegation that the Strokes were just Rock Zombies and your chords well-known, he took care of us. Thoughts to fly, to Cover with the woman’s butt, to the privileges of the young man? Rather less. Ultimately, the Strokes were a higher Form of ourselves – just with richer parents, better hairstyles, and some ideas for music.

The coming years you painted In the blue hour by Barcelona stray and a leather jacket to wear. About kams then, the Strokes provided the Soundtrack: “I missed the last bus, I’ll take the next train.” The Band was repeated with their next albums, was somehow forgotten.

you quote yourself

Now you are back, all now around 40 years old. “The New Abnormal” is the title of the Album, mixed by producer-Guru Rick Rubin, who has already brought Johnny Cash and the Red Hot Chili Peppers back on the track.

First impression: Much would have been able to play the Strokes as early as 2001. Resourceful Fans have already discovered passages in which the Band quotes themselves. Casablancas’ lyrics circles it is still a blessing and a curse to the beauty dividend, which was left to him as the son of a model and a model Agency owner.

In a Song such as “Selfless” summons, he, in a husky voice the old days, guitarists Nick Valensi and Albert Hammond, restriction to seed, the hung doing nothing. Often tönts back to those of the other large New York The Band to The Velvet Underground – just with better Equipment and without around dokter the Andy Warhol. Everything as usual so.

the seriousness of The youth

and Yet, oddly, Somehow that sounds pretty wrong. The world is a different become, the youth of these days, especially as the climate youth as a typical representative, seems so disturbingly different, so radical and decidedly uncool: This world rescue pathos, the sack-like dresses, the sense of humor, Serious in all questions of morality, the confessions to genuine exhaustion and true Depression.

for Exhausting the boys are, of course, because you almost always have to be right. How inappropriate the aesthetic is categorized lethargy of the Strokes in this time, in the the Doomsday Clock is ticking louder than ever. The Prick of a Casablancas: only cynical.

Suddenly there, immediately in epochal: The Strokes, 2001.PD

Bitter conclusion: The time of the Strokes is over, your Sound is definitely out of date. They continued once the gold standard for Coolness, nice wars. Your story was the first and last Chapter of the retro-rock Era, the other great Bands like the Libertines and Franz Ferdinand, has brought forth, or even the Arctic Monkeys, whose singer, known recently: “I just wanted to be one of the Strokes.”

Billie Eilish is a Fan

But wait, the second audition. It’s not So easy just yet. The electronic Sounds, in the past, little convincing of the albums already, here and there interspersed, are, once again, become more powerful. “Brooklyn Bridge to the Chorus” is a perfect synth song, Valensis guitar mimics a Keyboard. The rusty framework of the traditional rock band sinks in the bubblegum-Dance-Pop.

“the Brooklyn Bridge to the Chorus” is likely to be cheered on every 80s Party – and connection is at the same time, to the present. You 18 listen to the Strokes Album for the moment-a time of the day, says Billie Eilish, the Dominatorin of today’s Pop. She just could not stop.

with the cardinal song of the album, so fantastic, shimmering, wonderfully danceable “Eternal Summer”, do not show the Strokes that leave the Manage age chords. Casablancas’ voice sounds versatile as never, back flips from punk shouting into the falsetto and back. Climate change and “Game of Thrones”, he has also recorded in recent years: “Summer is coming, won’t go away”.

the beginning of the year the Strokes were even on the campaign trail with Bernie Sanders. Stubborn way, the Band played on, even after the light had been in the hall switched on again. It came to a scramble on the stage, the police interfered, whereupon the Strokes unpacked promptly to their most aggressive Song: “New York City Cops” (“They ain’t too smart”).

He thought that he was going to arrested, said Julian Casablancas after that. He was not, of course. Also, one should not overestimate the commitment of the Strokes. A little more social democracy, it has some still. During Sanders concert, as always, something loaded Casablancas said he was just here for the music – because of the “unkontro verses to music”.

Selected melancholy

“The New Abnormal” is not a serious policy, not even kind of a serious Album. In the opening song, “The Adults Are Talking”, addressed to Julian Casablancas a few unspecified shareholders. He will bring “it” would finally be okay, he promises to add: “Oh, maybe not tonight.” The adult, makes Casablancas clear, ‘ continued the other.

Later, once again, the missed liaisons, and rotten days (“Why Are Sundays so Depressing”). The last Track, the spherical “Ode to the Mets,” wrote of Casablanca under the impression that the defeat of his baseball team, the New York Mets – grief due to a sporting events, also have a luxury problem.

The Song is a lyrical Fragment to loss and disappointment, the Taste of elected melancholia is the Default mode of this Band. Casablancas revels in vagueness: “It’s not wrong, but it’s not right.”

The Strokes remain unreliable companions, as well as many of their Fans. Change is likely to be a lot of it too. We are too old, others too young.

The Strokes, “The New Abnormal”, RCA

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