now, In ‘Celebrity to go on a date’ wins affect her Fabrizio, and Pommeline. For once, Pommeline what is the most difficult thing was their fault.

Pommeline will be surprised when ex-love, Fabrizio, in a good pick up. “Are you going to will get married, maybe.” The tone is immediately set when a Pommeline as far away as possible from her ex, so, in the office, and Fabrizio immediately to the jacket, should be put out because he was nervous, love.

now, as to Why Pommeline still opt out of the rift? “I felt I was not appreciated. I went to the ‘droomvrouw to a piece of dirt, and I really don’t see it coming at all. We are a wedding planner and you’re already on a different sat. You have to give me a puppy for me for birthday and exactly one week later, to let me fall,” says the blonde visibly emotional. “You’ve got to me in a dream, to make you believe that you have me, have everything taken away from them, and that made quite a lot of pain, and Manufacturers.”

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