Banking application: watch out for these 5 traps


The banks, too, are connected. The latter have applications for all types of smartphones. This is because the interest is great for financial institutions. Facilitation of transfers, looking at your accounts quickly or even blocking your card in a few clicks… However, this has drawbacks.

Mobile scams are frequent, indicates Midi-Libre. An SMS from “your bank” (a scammer in this case) leads you to a fraudulent site or application and a hacking of your passwords.

Another possibility is that malicious software can install itself on your phone, stealing your personal data, including your bank codes. This is the case, as Planet said in this article, of these 8 applications that contain it.

Moreover, with the appearance of applications, the hacking of bank accounts has become common. All user identifiers are stolen and resold on the “dark web”.

These are just the risks involved on the web. The danger can also be physically present. A password does not protect against threats. It is possible to be attacked in order to transfer your money yourself via an application.

Using a banking application is therefore not such an easy thing. Practices are to be avoided in order to keep your account properly… While avoiding the pitfalls that you may encounter. What are they ? To find out, Planet has produced the slideshow below which lists 5 of them.