The mission of Alfred Naujocks, in 1940 was specifically, but Naujocks had always been a man for special orders. Already with 20 years, he joined the SS, loose made quickly career as a brutal and ruthless – ergo: talented – Terrorist. Naujocks had already written a year earlier, the history of the world: he started with a few SS-men in a mock attack on the Sender Gleiwitz, he provided the Nazi Regime the pretext for the invasion of Poland. Also, the order, the Naujocks in 1940 was assumed to be important for the war. He had to make his paper, he needed inks, painter, printer, Lithographer, engravers, typesetters and Bank experts. He should falsify the money.

was All for the war target: Naujocks should forge English pound notes to fill in the economy of the war opponents ‘ England with counterfeit money and to force you in the knee. The idea is to destroy an economy, by flooded with counterfeit money, writes the British Economist John Maynard Keynes, the Soviet dictator Lenin. This have said that there is no more elegant method to destroy a society than to ruin its currency. Possible that here also the experiences of the early 1920s have played a role, as the Hyperinflation made the German Nation “so hasswütig, Hitler’s ripe” as it is worded, the author Stefan Zweig.

The flowers which had Naujocks manufacture, were shockingly good. But only a few of these flowers circulation came to be in the British economy – not the Fake was the Problem, but the introduction to England. In April 1945, sunk the SS-people, flowers in the nominal value of 70 million pounds in the lake Toplitz in the Austrian Salzkammergut.