if you are a Proximus, the staff of the day were informed of the proposals set out in the social plan, which the board of directors and the unions have been negotiating for the past weeks, in the presence of social agents. An agreement is not yet available, the trade unions were not very enthusiastic, but the proposals will be put to their members.

The board intends to 1900 jobs, mostly through voluntary departures. One of the measures is that the workers, by the end of 2020, 58 years of age, be able to afzwaaien with a retention of 70% to 75% of their salary. According to the trade union leader, Bart Neyens (GCPS), are 550 members of staff be taken into consideration.

“It’s going to be an action plan in 2010, which is to be extended until the end of next year,” said Neyens. He stresses that this is not retirement, but rather a scheme, paid for by the company. “In practice, contractors in a notice posted up to the date of their earliest possible retirement. For statutairen is going to be on leave prior to early retirement. Over the years, they will get between 70 and 75 per cent of their salary, depending on their conditions of service, fully paid for by the Network.

Not every 58-something the company may do so, warning Neyens. “The proposals are only for the staff impacted by the restructure. The proposals are not open to the public.” That is, for example, when knelpuntfuncties, such as technical profiles, for the discontent is because they will not be able to make use of as the control.

The board of managing directors shall also be a voluntary vertrekplan, with a grant of £ 1,500 gross per anciënniteitsjaar from the age of five years old. With more applicants than places, the people with the most seniority is eligible. If there is not enough-candidate race, it will be tests have to take, where the best and the rest will be forced redundancies, that is.

It is not clear how many employees will be impacted by this. The board, according to Time, out of the 250 laid off, but that seems to be in accordance with the trade unions to be optimistic about this. “However, it is still just guess work” said Neyens. The laid-off employees will be entitled to the statutory penalty, and in addition to outplacement.

at Proximus, could also be the nine stores to close and more than half of the 225 partner sales points would reduce.

for the day that Proximus continues, it would be in accordance with the restructuring plan and change it. According to Neyens, there are proposals to have a loss of earnings, verlofregimes, termination benefits and working conditions for new entrants…. “It’s going to be a social breakdown. As a union man I’m worried about,” he said.

The proposals are now for a number of days, and will be introduced to the staff. This has led for the last time until the spontaneous stoppage, write down The Time, for example, technicians in the area of Verviers. “We’re going to have our members present, but not defend it. We expect to see, but a lot of applause,” according to the GCPS representative.

in order For an agreement with the trade unions on a two-thirds majority within the joint committee. “However, the management also would, in the absence of an agreement, the board of directors may ask you to provide certain elements to approve the” fear Neyens.

The restructuring at Proximus will run until June 2021. However, the greatest impact is expected in the first half of next year.

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