as of 4 november, escaped to the U.s. drug Bart Helmus, along with his wife and a third person in a brutal way out of a Thai prison. The couple was convicted and sentenced to the death penalty, but he managed to have the enforcement to go. During the flight, there was a shootout in which a cop was injured. Two days later, the couple found 35 miles from the border with Cambodia. Then, when they are surrounded by police and tried to stop the couple have to commit suicide out of desperate means.

On the 4th of november, there was a shoot-out, when Bart Helmus and his wife, Sirinapha Wisetrit, and the Thai-Noi, Ton nintendo ds emulator ready has escaped from a Thai prison. In one way or another, got to the pair in possession of a gun that they are going out of their way free. During the flight, there was a shootout at the prison where Bart Helmus, an agent neerstak in critical condition at the hospital. Also, on the outside, but it has opened again, and the fire at the agents, who get them on their heels for the reception. The three of them knew, as yet, to escape in a getaway car, which of them waiting in the county jail. Immediately, there was talk of the whole country, and a warrant of arrest is made.

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Two days later, the pair have been spotted at 35 km from the border with Cambodia. Most likely they were looking at it from the land of the west. When the police and the fugitives surrounded, were they out of a desperate act is still to put an end to their lives. The woman was awake, and was alone in the car, but Bart Helmus was unconscious, found by a hoofdwonde. Not far from there was also a third partner, Time Tons of nintendo ds emulator ready been found in an open field. The three of them were immediately taken to the hospital where they have medical care are going to get. “From the fugitives, is stable and conscious, they will be called upon to answer for their escape,” says lieutenant-colonel Hiran Fame. “Every one who has helped them in their escape, will be severely punished”, he adds to that.

The couple was first arrested for drug trafficking. If the police are on to them though, they found 1kg of crystal Meth that has a street value of approximately € 70,000, and a gun with plenty of ammunition, and 6000 euros in cash. The police have reason to suspect that the on-line drug purchases, in order to later sell them. But, in the meantime, the judgment has already risen to the attempted murder of a police officer, escape from prison, and threatening people with a firearm, illegal possession of a firearm and carrying and firing a weapon in a public place without good reason.

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