Good Morning!

Manfred Köhler

Deputy Department head of the Regional section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and editor of the business magazine Metropolitan.

F. A. Z.

Well, what are you up to today? Work? Shopping? The layman may think that Christmas is over, the Christmas business is over, too. Nothing there, it goes on. Not necessarily until Easter, but it is still far into the new year. Because so many people have these days free and bored. So don’t dawdle and early in the inner cities to leave before the S-Railways and roads crowded! With the previous Christmas sales, the retail is in the state of Hesse by the way, totally satisfied, as Mrs Petra Kirchhoff writes today in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung. Is not just ordered but still everything on the Internet, how nice.

Okay, there is a third possibility in addition to Work and shopping: Travel. Better however, you did not want to leave on Saturday of last week, perhaps even with a Lufthansa Ticket. Because of the 3000 passengers of this group were not able to fly at Frankfurt airport with the machine, with the you were going to do it, because you’d still be stuck in the crowded security checks. You want to write: the people make it to the moon, but not to push a stupid pocket quickly by a Scanner, the you create. But to the moon people do not fly any more. Report and comment to the earthly difficulties today in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

The advocate of a statutory minimum wage have had great luck, that the state wage floor was introduced in a never-ending Boom. So the companies were able to cope with the cost increases or pass on, and created still more jobs. The power of the trade unionists now brave: The DGB Chairman for Hesse and Thuringia, Michael Rudolph, is the new increase in the minimum wage to the beginning of the year to 9,19 euros enough. In the next downturn will show how the minimum wage Jobs destroyed, but his supporters are of course other reasons for the job cuts: the wickedness of the entrepreneurs, the government, in the world.