Winfried Kretschmann, has spoken out recently in favour of strengthening the dialects, even in schools. “Linguistic diversity is a value in itself”, the green Prime Minister; the need to protect endangered Flora and Fauna. What is the mouth ways?

The dialects are in motion. They are large, which means that individual forms, which are only in a small Village characteristic, are slowly, but steadily degraded. Because the communicative reach of today must be greater. We do not communicate today, as even a hundred years ago, within the courtyard, and family, but at larger radii. What Kretschmann and his colleagues propose a toast here, is a counter-movement to the stigma and social punishment of dialect. They emancipate themselves, and references to the important functions, the dialects have still to establish identity and to create closeness.

Who speaks dialect is not always understood by anyone, but he is also excluded?

Bastian Sick, for example, the author of “The genitive is the dative case of his death,” and others, referred to as the double Perfectly, so the “I had said,” as “Housewives perfect”. This is pretty outrageous. This Form in many regions of Germany, more in the South, and she has quite a useful function if you want to, for example, to Express that something is completed. Also, professors use them, believe me (laughs). In the “today show” was last updated about a farmer funny, the values in the Bavarian dialect about the bad mobile network: not doing anything because you understand him anyway. In Norway, where it is normal to speak in their respective dialects, would be unthinkable. Since you have discontinued the shipment now.

What the science says?

The is there already. We speak of “situation appropriateness”. Of course, you write an application in standard English in order to be on the borders of the Region are understood and to act in a professional manner. But there is nothing against it, the Whatsapp speaks-to write a message to the colleagues in the dialect.

children should learn, when they dialect, and when you standard English can speak?

Since 2003, is set out in the standards of education for the teaching of German, and that students should become acquainted with the languages in the language. The kretschmanns concern exists, therefore, actually been around for 15 years in the school books. We should not dismiss this, but seriously take care of it. When children learn, what time is it what language can be, and should be, then you are well prepared and can use language flexibly and in a self-conscious act. To talk with Strangers High – and with Granny low German language skills.