Former British colony – Johnson offers Hongkongern personally naturalisation elsewhere, British Prime Minister makes a large part of the population of the Chinese special administrative zone, a surprising offer.0 comments”No other choice”: China Should adopt a new security law, in fact, want Boris Johnson to change the UK’s immigration law is far-reaching.Photo: Reuters

In the dispute about the planned security law of China for Hong Kong, the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has made a large part of the population of the Chinese special administrative region of naturalisation in the United Kingdom in view.

to change In a guest post in the Hong Kong newspaper “South China Morning Post” of Wednesday, Johnson wrote, if China should adopt the law, would have the UK “no other choice” as his immigration bill far-reaching.

The today 350’000 Hong Kong owners of a passport of British citizens overseas (BNO), on the other 2.5 million a claim would be made the path to naturalization free. Instead of six you could be in the future granted to twelve-month stay in the UK – with the possibility of renewal. Also, you should get a work permit and extended immigration rights, which they reached on the path to citizenship.

China disapprove of Johnson’s Plan very

“China had criticized the Considerations already sharp, and with “counter-measures threatened”. “All the compatriots living in Hong Kong, are Chinese nationals”, had emphasized a foreign amtsspr cher. The British Prime Minister argued that the security law would restrict the return of the British colony to China in 1997, guaranteed freedoms and autonomy erode.

“If China is moving forward, it would be a direct violation of the Joint Declaration, a legally binding contract that is registered with the United Nations,” said Johnson to the agreement for the return. It says in accordance with the principle of “one country, two systems”, the social and economic System in Hong Kong, remain untouched – as well as the style of Life and fundamental rights and freedoms of the seven million Hong Kong.

in the face of since last summer, continuing protests in Hong Kong, the people’s Congress in Beijing had approved on Thursday plans for the law for the protection of national security and the Standing Committee of the Parliament, with his decree instructs. The law bypasses Hong Kong’s Parliament. It is directed against activities considered by Beijing as a subversive or separatist. Also, it is against foreign interference. The Pro-democracy forces in Hong Kong fear that you are to the target.

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