Fabienne Carat: who are the men in the life of the actress?


A fulfilled and loving quadra. This August 24, the actress Fabienne Carat blows out her 43 candles. A special day for the ex-heroine of Plus belle la vie and Research Section who recently found love in the arms of a former reality TV candidate.

This summer, the famous actress formalized her relationship with Alain Attard, the handsome tattooed kid discovered in the fifth season of Married at first sight on M6. An idyll that fills the sister of Carole Carat with joy, who became a mother for the first time of a little Celeste born in December 2021. On the occasion of her birthday, the sublime brunette posted a black and white photo on Instagram where she poses with her daughter in her arms and her new darling, also a father of two children.

“The most beautiful gifts are those that life gives you, with those who choose your soul and those who recognize themselves in a look”, she wrote in the caption, thanking her fans for their wishes and messages of anniversary. “Sometimes fate plays with us, happiness comes then leaves then comes back… even greater and when we no longer expect it. In any case, it comes at the right time, at the best, when we are finally ready to welcome. I think so much of you,” she concluded.

Crazy in love with his famous companion, Cécile’s ex-husband split a very moving message where he revealed beautiful photos on Instagram. “My turn to wish you a happy birthday. Thank you for being you, what a pleasure to be by your side, you are an exceptional woman”, he published on the social network.

The romance between Fabienne Carat and Alain Attard already dates back several months. Invited last April by the Sud Radio station, the actress took the opportunity to lift the veil on her love life. “It’s good, I found love!”, She revealed on the air, adding. “Don’t worry! This is the scoop! Yes, it’s true”. While the couple form a blended family, the actress has nevertheless experienced several romantic disappointments in the past…

Last year, Fabienne Carat was the subject of several rumors claiming that she was expecting a baby. Discreet at the time about her private life, the actress had finally confirmed that she was pregnant. While keeping the identity of her daughter’s father secret.

“The father is an extraordinary person, but we were not prepared for this event. I already felt the life in me, I had to feel ready. I think that he was not”, confided- her with Current Woman in September 2021. Separated from this man, the actress Fabienne Carat assumed alone this surprise pregnancy which she considered a beautiful gift.

“It happened so suddenly, I did not expect it at all. I told myself that becoming a mother would not be for this life. I always had the feeling of being younger than I was. Time passed much faster than things in my head. And then I turned 40, there was confinement“, before adding. “I thought I had missed the boat. I was also told that it was going to be very complicated for me to have a child, if not impossible. This pregnancy is natural and miraculous. It’s almost a gift from heaven “.

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In the past, Fabienne Carat has had other romantic relationships. In 2012, the star appeared with a certain Fred Raynaud during the Beaune Crime Film Festival. She notably starred in the fiction Riviera, la guerre des Casinos, written and directed by her husband. But, the couple separated shortly after, according to Gala.

Still according to our colleagues, the actress Fabienne Carat met the same year Xavier Houillon, an executive in finance. From this love at first sight, the couple got married on June 1, 2013 at the Saint-Augustin church in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. After eight years of marriage, the spouses divorced by mutual agreement in August 2020 because of “their respective very demanding jobs”. “I give him back his freedom a little so that he no longer has to see his name in interviews and that his personal life is respected”, affirmed the ex-candidate of DALS in the pages of Téléstar.