Here is the other star of the Casta family. Following in the footsteps of her elder, Marie-Ange Casta took her first steps into the world of fashion in 2009, becoming the face of the Mango clothing line. A vocation that the younger sister of Laetitia has nurtured since her childhood, as she confided at that time for Gala.

“I’ve been thinking about it for a while. It’s probably the fact that I’ve heard about this job since I was little. I signed up for the Karine agency a year or two ago. And then I passed my baccalaureate, I enrolled in the faculty of Corte in plastic arts and I did not like it at all”, she assured our colleagues. After abandoning her studies, Marie-Ange Casta took off leaving the island of beauty to join the continent.

Upon her arrival in Paris, Marie-Ange Casta was able to count on the support of her famous big sister and her older brother Jean-Baptiste, who took turns hosting her. “When I was little, I had fun parading in front of her and she applauded me. But that’s all. On the other hand, Jean-Baptiste and she supported me a lot, they took care of me, especially since I lived with them“, she confided, adding. “They all warned me about the hard and negative aspects of this job. But my sister, when she saw that it wasn’t really taking off, introduced me to IMG, her agency”.

However, the comparison seems inevitable between the two model sisters, adored for their beauty and their physique on each magazine cover. If Marie-Ange Casta recognizes that it is a problem for her that we “talk to her constantly”, she nevertheless assures “that there has never been a rivalry between us, and that I am very proud of she”. And, to conclude. “Also, I think comparisons exist in every family, model or not.”

Equally popular with the French public, Marie-Ange Casta lent her face to the jewelry brand Maty in 2010 before becoming a sports ambassador for Reebok the following year, and finally the face of the cosmetics brand Vichy in 2012. Star model for the brand Eleven Paris and Hogan, the star also has collections for several brands. It was then on film sets that the young woman began her career as an actress, first in the film Mineurs 27 (in 2010) then on television in Lascars (2011) and at the theater in Point d’infini ( 2018). Recently, she made an appearance in the fiction Visions on TF1 where she played a mother confronted with the strange visions of her son.

A leading face of fiction and modeling, Marie-Ange Casta is also talked about for her family and love life. Discreet about his stories of the heart, he is currently credited with a relationship with comedian Marc-Antoine Le Bret. However, it was on social networks that she spoke of their first meeting with her fans.

In a question and answer session on Instagram, the actress and director lifted the veil from her community. “He invited me to his show!”, She soberly replied, according to her comments relayed by Purepeople. A story that lasts between the flagship impersonator of RFM (ex-candidate of Mask Singer) and the model who said yes on June 15, 2019 in Lumio in Corsica. From their union, the couple had welcomed their first child in 2020, the second for Marie-Ange Casta who already has a daughter Catalina born in 2013 from a previous relationship.

A protective mother, Marie-Ange Casta has always taken care never to expose her two children to the media. A choice totally assumed by the actress who became a mother for the first time at 23 years old. “It’s very selfish. I wanted to live this moment for myself. I was young and I didn’t want to have any questions, I didn’t want to have people look at me during my pregnancy. I was in a bubble and I didn’t want to get out of it,” she admitted in Le Journal des Femmes in 2019.

After formalizing the birth of her baby on the cover of Milk magazine, the 32-year-old star posted a simple photo of her second daughter on her Instagram page in November 2020. “1 month of you,” soberly wrote the wife of Marc-Antoine Lebret in the caption of his photo revealing the feet of their baby.

Asked in Télé 7 Jours, Marie-Ange Casta had poured out her role as a mother while she was playing in the fiction Visions broadcast on TF1. “I very often wonder if my presence, my intervention is relevant, or if I should let them have their experiences… I am a mother who communicates a lot and who is very attentive. I try to let them live their life without suffocating them. I am there when they need it, if there is a difficulty, to guide them, if they have any doubts, and to catch up with them when something goes wrong, because there must be!” , she laughed before concluding with philosophy. “But these failures are important for building up.”