The actress Fabienne Carat, ex-star of the series Plus belle la vie, became a mother for the first time at the age of 42, on December 6, 2021. Her daughter, named Céleste, is a “gift from heaven”, as she had mentioned during an interview at Gala. “It was the way she arrived in my life that decided me. This child is a gift from heaven. This first name has a great meaning in addition to being original, it corresponds perfectly to her. Before that, I searched a lot, I had a list, but I was also waiting to see his face to make up my mind”.

A child that the star will have to raise alone, as she later revealed. “I don’t have any regrets because I’m not a decision maker. Apart from accepting the situation, I couldn’t do much. I don’t want to force people. The door is open, I don’t judge anyone and even less him. He will come when he wants, “she said and continued:” If he is not ready, I can not do anything about it.

Since the birth of her daughter, Fabienne Carat had confided little in her love life. Would she have found love since? According to the latest issue of the magazine Closer, relayed by, the actress would be close to a certain Alain, candidate for the show Married at first sight. Information that the actress has not confirmed.

In the meantime, Planet invites you to discover all her sublime photos in a bikini on her Instagram account.