A Frenchwoman who shines internationally. On September 18, actress Juliette Binoche was one of the stars honored during the San Sebastian Film Festival in Spain. During the ceremony, the 50-year-old was awarded the Donostia Prize for her entire career.

On the stage of the Kursaal palace where she recovered her trophy from the hands of the director Isabel Coixet, Juliette Binoche delivered a strong speech where she invited the actresses to refuse the roles of women objects. “You also have to know how to say no to things so as not to be in a kind of system where we see you like that,” said the French star. Faced with journalists, the famous actress recounted her own experience.

When she was offered roles where she had to play “someone’s wife, or objectified as a woman”, actress Juliette Binoche explained that she had always refused them. “I just said ‘no’ because I was not interested”, before adding. “It’s not always easy but you also have to know how to jump into an unknown where you are no longer in macho codes”. A speech that has a particular echo in the career of the French star, who came to present his film The High School Student the next day during the Spanish festival.

Since her debut in the 1980s, Juliette Binoche has played more than 75 roles on the big screen, which has earned her the recognition of the profession. Winner of the Romy Schneider Prize in 1986 and actress Caesarized in 1994 for Three Colors: Blue, the star shone in The English Patient and won a shower of awards in 1997. Swann d’Or for Best Actress at the Cabourg Film Festival , at the prize for best actress at the Berlinale, she conquered the United Kingdom by winning a BAFTA and the United States where she left with the Oscar for best actress in a supporting role.

“It was a dream, but inconceivable. It was an effervescence. When you win such a prize, there is so much attention all around. (…) But I was happy”, explained in January 2022 the star, who also toured with Jean-Luc Godard in his film Hail Mary. On her Instagram page, the actress had paid a vibrant tribute to the Franco-Swiss director who died on September 13. “I learned from you that cinema is about going against, against conventions, against what looks like kindness. Against all odds. Ciao ciao Maestro”.

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