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Founded by José Angel Ezcurra on may 13, 1972, with the humorist Chumy Chúmez as the main impulsorLa satire and humor were the weapons of “Brother Wolf” , an iconic publication that accompanied the Spanish in the last years of the fra nquismo .

Inspired by the French weekly, “Charlie Hebdo” (who some years ago suffered a terrorist attack), came to occupy the position of “ Quail ” in a few years force policy that “Brother Wolf” he knew how to exploit to perfection. Good proof of this was the prescient cover of the August 2, 1975, in which, 45 years before, expressed the same warnings of Pedro Sánchez: “either me or chaos”.

Involved a number of comedians and graphics it also had a fun literary inputs of different writers. Its pages went by Forges , Jaume Perich, Manolo Summers , Quino, Francisco Umbral, Manuel Vazquez Montalban , Manuel Vicent.

Another of his prominent collaborators was Gila, who published both jokes graphics as well as short stories. In the last few days one of them is becoming viral in social networks for their success to reflect with certainty how the tension in which you have installed the Spanish society during the pandemic we actually have accompanied along our history .

In the cartoon, published on April 21, 1973, shows three characters dressed up as any paisano Spanish of the time and the characteristic beret that he used to carry it in their monologues. While one of them is stabbing another , the third he calls without too much enthusiasm: “ do Not give more stab wounds , man.” To which the attacker replied: “Well stop calling me killer”.

The drawing has generated a wave of reactions after that the filmmaker Álex of the Church share together with the following text: “This joke of Gila explains it all. The history of Spain, the constant conflict. The absurd”.

The director of “the day of the beast” or “sad Ballad of a trumpet” complete the story with a thread that dissects the bullet from the comedian and makes the inevitable parallels with the current situation.

“There are brutality and hate . There are resignation on the part of the suffering and what was worse, the look eccentric and dispassionate of a looker. All this scrambled eggs with bitterness , and served in a glass chilled. Gila was all less equidistant,” says Church. “Come to the conclusion that the reality can only be expressed through a satire, the farce and the destruction of the logic -continues – is to show its profound injustice. Gila knew that, as a genuine dadaist manner of humor.”