Pension reform: the Minister of Labor unveils the measures already decided


This Monday, December 12, the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron announced the postponement of the presentation of the final version of the text of the pension reform. Originally, said presentation was to take place this week, at the end of the last round of discussion between the executive, the opposition and the social partners. The new date to remember is therefore Tuesday, January 10, 2023.

The stakes are enormous for the head of state. Indeed, pension reform was one of the central pillars of his first presidential campaign. He had failed to deliver it during his first five-year term, and the importance of fulfilling that promise is all the more heightened by the fact that he was re-elected.

The Chair argues that by postponing the presentation date and thus allowing more time for the conclusion of the final round of discussion, he encourages and allows everyone to take a stand on the subject. He would have targeted in particular the presidents of the parties Les Républicains and Europe Ecologie les Verts, who changed leaders last weekend, as reported by the New Republic.

Éric Ciotti, the new president of the Republicans party, expressed that he did not feel very indebted to the Head of State. He assumed that he “feels this as an alibi for the hesitations, more than a concern for negotiation”. Olivier Dussopt, Minister of Labor, took the floor to communicate on the points which seem already established.

Find below the 9 points that emerged from these numerous rounds of negotiations, according to Capital.