After India and Vietnam, has also the Singapore ban on the import of Belgian pork, which was established following the adoption of the African swine fever in wild boar in Etalle, in the belgian province of Luxembourg. That the minister of Agriculture, mr. Denis Ducarme on Saturday has been reported.

After the discovery of African swine fever in the southern part of the province of Luxembourg, in December 2018, 25 countries have an embargo on the import of Belgian pork, while in the pig sector, protected only by the African swine fever. After India and Vietnam, and their ban lifted for all of the non-affected Belgian regions, following Singapore, today. In 2017, imported, Singapore 482 tonnes of products originating in the Belgian pig industry.

According to Ducarme, efforts are made to have the export markets that have yet to be closed, such as South Korea, have been able to get it. “In contrast, in Belgium, in South Korea, the classical swine fever that there is also the pigs are affected. No less than 150,000 pigs have been in this country for education. The end of the Korean authorities to ask for their pork products from affected regions, and to continue to accept it… but to deny themselves, and the same principle is applied for Belgian pork,” said Ducarme, his South Korean counterpart, recommended to him for this clarification.

in The Belgian pork sector is, to a large extent, focused on exports, and an estimated 15,000 jobs.