now, Radja Nainggolan has to be the Italian magazine sports week for the first time, we spoke about the illness of his wife, Claudia, who is just a few months ago announced that she is diagnosed with cancer. Antwerp, has said that the disease is one of the main reasons as to why he returned to Cagliari, where his wife, her back. “For her, it will be easier to get over her illness and fight.”

Nainggolan, who, by tradition, vrank en vrij on to his feelings, to talk, to let, opposite the Italian sportblad record of how the cancer is in the lives of the couple are turned upside down to. Himself, he called it “a difficult time in our lives.”

in Mid-July, and his wife via Instagram announced that they are to the cancer in question. A few weeks later Nainggolan of the season, Inter is back to the small Port. This is the club where, between 2010 and 2014, for making a breakthrough in the Italian top flight, and it is also the place where he and Claudia met.

“I went for Claudia to return to Cagliari,” said Nainggolan. “She was born here, has family and friends here. For her, it will be easier to get over her illness and fight.”

Milan had been Nainggolan told that he was not in the plan for one week. “Antonio Conte has brought me, one day apart, taken,” said Nainggolan to Calciomercato. “He told me that he was a knight before me, and that he would, at the time when Chelsea wanted to go, but it’s the management from the web to a different decision. He came up to me in person to tell you, and I value that. I have a quiet ‘okay’ answer.”

this time the reputation of Nainggolan also be taken into account. The midfielder is known to be a football player, who is a regular or once the flowers are out of place. So it was that, after an international competition, the Red Devils have already agreed to be caught by the police when he was under the influence and behind the wheel, was entered, and went into hiding for the past few years, in Italy, stories, and video clips of a smoking or partying Nainggolan. “Night out, night clubs, and alcohol? If I want to, I can give up everything. But then I thought to myself” is respond to the midfield.

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