Exceptional back-to-school bonus: who will receive it in October?


It’s almost time. Since the start of the school year in mid-September, the French women and men concerned have gradually received financial aid: the exceptional back-to-school bonus. They are more than 10.8 million to benefit from a basic payment of 100 euros, plus an additional 50 euros per dependent child.

All social minima recipients and scholarship students have already acquired this aid. They are those who benefit from:

However, this is not yet the case for Aspa beneficiaries. The payment will be made on October 15 for those who receive the Solidarity allowance for the elderly. They would be 200,000 in France to be entitled only to this state aid, indicates the media quoted above. It is separate, because it is paid by the Retirement Insurance, unlike other aid.

The Cnav reassures on the steps to be taken to receive the bonus: there are none! “If you are eligible, the sum will be paid to you automatically”, she explains in the columns of Actu.fr. In addition, it is a transfer made “independent of your retirement”.

The next to get help are those on the activity bonus. The Ministry of the Economy indicated “that it will be 28 euros, to which are added 14 euros per dependent child”, reports the media. Those concerned will receive the transfer in mid-November.