Tick ‚Äč‚Äčtock… The countdown is on! Council tax notices arrive in the mailboxes of taxpayers, who will have until midnight on November 15 to pay them. Only people who pay their taxes online are entitled to an additional five days to make the payment.

This year, only the wealthiest households still have to pay housing tax on their main residence… Before being completely exempt in 2023, the year of the total abolition of this local tax.

If you are having financial difficulties, or if it seems simpler to you, you can choose to pay the housing tax monthly.

As the official website of the public service indicates, this requires a current bank account domiciled in France or Monaco. Your Livret A may be sufficient if this type of direct debit is authorized by your bank.

You can subscribe to the monthly payment of your local taxes online, via the application or the impots.gouv website, by telephone, by email and by post. You will then receive an acknowledgment of receipt.

The monthly payment of the residence tax comes in the form of ten monthly direct debits made between January and October.

“The monthly payment is renewed from year to year without any formality. If your tax has increased compared to the previous year, the deductions continue in November, even in December. If your tax has decreased, the deductions stop when the amount due has been reached”, specifies the official website of the public service.

Please note, however: you have until June 30 to monthly pay your local taxes for the current year. Otherwise, the monthly payment only counts for the following year.