and PS-president Elio Di Rupo is the fact that Open Vld and CD&V) to determine whether the N-VA, was on board the ship are” in talks over the creation of by the federal government. He said on Sunday, in a L’invite, on RTL-TVi.

a Few days after the election had been Di-Has called for a that purple green formal coalition – the socialists, liberals, greens and, if necessary, supplemented by the CD&V. in This case, the N-VA, was abandoned and the government has no majority in the Dutch side.

But today, with the informateurs, Johan Vande Lanotte (SP.(A) and Didier Reynders (MR), a formula in which the largest parties of the two communities, the N-VA and PS, can be completed with the liberals, ESP.A and CD&V.

“If it is possible, it would be purple, with CD&V, and a formula have been” confirmed in the PS-chairman. “But it was in the Dutch-speaking parties (CD&V and Open Vld, that is, whether or not to decide whether (N-VA chairman) Bart De Wever is involved, is not in the French-speaking parties.

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the Slip over

Monday, Elio Di Rupo, also it’s not about the confederalisme to talk to, something to which the N-VA claims – is not excluded by the N-VA, to speak, if it was going to be about the problems of social needs on the other.

In the course of the week, it was announced that the socialists, the Open VLD, the negotiations did not. And with that the threat of the wild, the socialists, the Open VLD, to be put under pressure to allow for the possibility of a government without N-VA, is more serious to consider. In the meantime, it has been the negotiations between the N-VA, CD&V and Open VLD, the formation of a belgian government is very, very difficult.

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